Almondmilk Soap

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This almond milk soap is out of this world! So creamy, smooth and smells amazing.

Three Trees Almondmilk: 290g

Lye (NaOH): 138g

Essential oil for fragrance (optional): 36g

Olive Oil: 600g

Coconut Oil: 200g

Castor Oil: 50g

Cocoa Butter: 150g


Wear rubber gloves, eye protection, and an apron. Use only stainless steel, ceramic, or very hard plastic containers to mix soap. Using almondmilk in soap requires more care than using distilled water; we recommend getting acquainted with soap making with simpler recipe first (this one is a good place to start).

Prepare a loaf mold with two dividers fit into it length-wise, creating equal-sized spaces between. Cutting up a cardboard box provides great, and free, dividers. If the loaf mold is not made of silicone, line with freezer paper.

Mix Ingredients

Pour lye into almondmilk (WARNING: DO NOT POUR ALMONDMILK INTO LYE OR IT CAN EXPLODE). Mix. For best results, pour lye in a little at a time, and put the bowl in an ice bath. This will keep the almondmilk from scorching. However, it is critical to ensure that all the lye has dissolved, so be patient with stirring it.

In a separate container, mix the oils together and heat until they are all melted.

Cool the oils to about 110F to 120F. They can be cooler than that as long as they stay melted and transparent. Pour the oils into the lye-almondmilk mixture. Using a stick blender, blend and stir the mixture until it reaches "light trace" (see this article for more information). Mix in your fragrance and stir thoroughly.

Fill Mold and Design

Take 1/3 of the mixture and separate it out into a separate container. Mix in colorant of your choice until it reaches the desired the color (for example, you could use turmeric to color it; however, be careful that turmeric can stain wherever you use the soap!). Take the colored soap and pour a little into the center space in the mold. Take the non-colored soap and pour into the other two spaces. Keep adding to each a bit at a time until the mold is full. By doing this a little at a time, you avoid having the dividers get pushed around by the soap.

Take out the dividers. Using a chop stick or dowel vertically, swirl the soap back and forth. Look up "mantra swirl" for videos and tutorials. You're almost done! Let it sit for 24 to 48 hours, until it is solid, then remove from the mold. Cut into 1-inch thick bars. The soap is now usable, but it will melt fast if you use it right away. Let it sit for 1-3 months in a well-ventilated area to cure.

Jenny Eu