Original Almondmilk

Our Unsweetened Original Almondmilk is as clean, pure, and simple as it gets. With only 2 ingredients, it’s just like homemade.

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic almonds

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Vanilla Bean Almondmilk

Perfect for your morning smoothie, for baking, or straight out of the bottle, our Unsweetened Vanilla Bean Almondmilk is made with real Madagascar vanilla beans, not vanilla flavor derived from vanilla beans. 

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic almonds, organic vanilla extract, organic vanilla beans

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Pistachio Nutmilk

Our Pistachio nutmilk has a rich and buttery flavor that is like no other plant-based milk you’ve ever tried. It’s excellent over cereal or in chai tea, coffee or smoothies. You can also use the Pistachio nutmilk in baked goods, warm up for a comforting drink or add cocoa powder for a pistachio hot chocolate.

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic pistachios, organic almonds, organic almond extract, pink Himalayan salt

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Black Sesame Nut and Seedmilk

This Black Sesame nut and seedmilk has a bold dark and toasty flavor.  Dates add a natural hint of sweetness to deliver a perfectly balanced experience. The texture is extra thick and creamy without the use of any additives (like thickeners or emulsifiers).  That’s because we use loads of fresh organic nuts and seeds.  For more inspiration on how to use this unique flavor, visit our blog.

Ingredients: Nut and seedmilk (filtered water, organic almonds, organic black sesame seeds), organic dates, pink Himalayan sea salt

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