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We have a new look,
and new flavors!

We’ve refreshed the look of our Three Trees package and put it in a new 28oz bottle. Why? Because we heard your feedback asking for a lower price. We haven’t changed a thing about the recipe though. Our plant-based milks are still made with simply 2-5 real food ingredients and are as delicious as ever. Try our new Pistachio and Black Sesame!

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Nourishing, naturally.

We believe in doing the right thing and the power of everyday choices. That’s why we set out to create the purest, most delicious, and most nourishing plant-based milks on the market.  

Our line of nut and seedmilks are carefully crafted from nutrient dense whole food, and we never use preservatives, gums, or anything artificial. For a better you and a better planet.  



The difference
is real.

Three Trees is made differently from all other plant-based milks. We start with thoughtfully selected high quality organic ingredients and combine them with water, pure and simple.  No disposing of the nutritious pulp, meaning more nutrition and less waste. Our nut and seedmiks contain more protein and more fiber than leading brands, and they have a distinctly rich and pure taste.


Most Nutmilks

Few nuts / seeds
Gums (guar, locust, gellan, carrageenan)
Stabilizers and emulsifiers (oils, lecithin)
Natural Flavors
Processed or synthesized protein
Low in nutrients

Grey with filmy after-taste

Three Trees

Loads of organic nuts and seeds
No gums
No emulsifiers
Real vanilla bean
No added sugar
Plant protein naturally in whole ingredients

Creamy white and clean-tasting!