Growing up my grandma showed me the wonders of the forest with all of its nourishing plant foods. I loved joining her for walks through the forest, and delighted in the food she made from what she foraged. In 2013, while trying to recreate some of her brews, I stumbled upon home-made nutmilks. These tasted so good, and were nourishing to the body and soothing to the soul… much like my forest walks with grandma. So I set out to create the purest, most delicious and nourishing nutmilks on the market.  

Today, grandma’s food philosophy still guides us at Three Trees, where we use only whole, nourishing, plant-based ingredients. Our name is a nod to the forest and its gifts; it is inspired by the Chinese character for forest 森 which is created by combining three tree  characters. - Jenny, Founder

Our Promise

We believe that true nourishment comes directly from nature. 

That’s why we carefully craft our nut and seedmilks from the highest quality whole food ingredients, and we never use preservatives, gums or anything artificial. Our milks are naturally nourishing and incredibly delicious.


pure & simple

We don’t think artificial additives like gums or lecithin belong in plant-based milk. Not even derived “natural” flavors. We keep it as simple and clean as possible. Nothing you wouldn’t find in your kitchen pantry.



We use loads of whole organic nuts and seeds (4x more than other leading brands). Our nut and seedmilks are naturally high in healthy fats, plant-based protein, and micronutrients such as vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B2, and phosphorus.



Because we carefully select each ingredient for quality and taste, our nut and seedmilks are distinctively rich, creamy and nutty. There is no gummy or filmy aftertaste. Just pure unadulterated deliciousness.